28 January 2022

Istanbul Hardware Fair 15-18 SEPTEMBER ’22

A real commercial arena that the industry has been waiting for!

Offering the opportunity to bring the entire industry together under the same roof, Istanbul Hardware Fair provides access to a wider customer portfolio across the industry spectrum. Aiming to increase production efficiency and competition, SMEs are expected to visit the fair from Turkey and neighboring countries.


Opportunities to meet with senior executives from around the world!

It is aimed that professional visitors, most of whom are company owners and general managers, come to Istanbul Hardware Fair to make a business deal. The majority of the people who will visit the fair, who want to see the new technologies in the sector closely and to have information about the products and services; It is aimed to be the CEOs, general managers, assistant general managers, finance managers, technical department managers, purchasing managers, academics, engineers and students of manufacturers and wholesalers.


Expand your network for more business deals!

You have the opportunity to meet with industry representatives from all over the world at Istanbul Hardware Fair. Istanbul Hardware Fair not only brings together the exhibitors with their target audience, but also creates an excellent platform for the industry to establish new business connections within itself. In addition, the fair; industrial and industrial facilities, shipyards

, residences, architecture and construction companies, public institutions and organizations, and wholesalers, intermediate wholesalers and construction markets, and hardware and hardware stores that provide supply to the sector

, determine the basic audience.

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